Silicone sex dolls were formerly forbidden, a sexual stigma held solely for misfits and fetishists. Perhaps you recall blowup sex dolls from frat parties and adolescent movies. However, as sex dolls became more lifelike, they emerged from their shameful closet and became more commonly accepted among both men and women.

Realistic silicone sex dolls are becoming a standard in many toy collections. Lifelike silicone sex dolls are becoming a staple in many people’s toy collections, historically used to treat loneliness or just out of curiosity. The appeal of sex dolls is that you can make love to anybody you choose that night — not simply in terms of looks, but also in terms of imagining who this person is to you.

So, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should buy your first silicone sex doll, we’re here to dispel all your doubts: here are 6 reasons why you should do so right now.

1. Ideal For Solo Masturbation

Sex dolls, unsurprisingly, are designed to provide you with the most intense sexual pleasure without the need for a human companion. Many men have lauded sex dolls for their capacity to give the visual and physical stimulation they need to have an “affair” without cheating on their relationship, especially when sex isn’t happening.

You may have any sex you want with a sex doll without fear of being judged. A sex doll may be the perfect alternative to a real-life partner when you go through any transition time, whether it’s for a fast fix or to get back on track after a nasty breakup. There’s also no need to be concerned about getting somebody pregnant!

Silicone sex dolls are the closest thing you can get to the real thing with no ties attached. Oral, vaginal, anal…and everything in between – you may engage in practically any form of masturbation you choose. Your imagination is your only constraint. Everything from anal, hand jobs, foot jobs, soft breasts, and an ass that shakes like the lady of your dreams is up for grabs.

2. Best For Trying Out New Positions.

Experimenting with various positions for the first time might be difficult. When it comes to performing, you may experience a great deal of pressure as well as fear about disappointing your spouse.

This is where silicone sexdolls may help. You may practice different positions manoeuvres and even improve on your oral abilities without any performance pressure because they are the closest thing to real sex that you can get without an actual human. Each doll has a realistic pussy, along with other realistic orifices and a full-sized woman’s body.

You’ll be able to master your partner’s clitoris, as well as many sex positions that will blow your partner’s mind, with the extra practice.

3. Spice Up Your Married Life

The longer you’ve been with a partner, the more likely you are to develop a bedroom routine or stick to tried-and-true positions. It’s challenging to be creative and spontaneous when you’ve slept with the same person hundreds of times.

However, if you let things become stale in the bedroom, it may lead to more severe issues in your relationship. You may use the assistance of a sex doll to liven things up. They’re highly adaptable and submissive, so they’re ready to flex and submit to whatever your spouse wants to do. There are no emotions involved, and no one feels exploited or dumped as a result.

Things may become a little messy when you add a third partner to a threesome. However, when you bring in a silicone sex doll, there is no envy, controversy, or STIs. You and your partner may experience the sensuality of a threesome in any position you choose without fear of being injured or disrespected. Just be careful not to offer it to your spouse if you don’t want them to believe you’re attempting to replace them.

4. Sexual Wellness

Silicone sex dolls, believe it or not, can have a really good impact on your sexual health. It’s been established that having a healthy and regular sex life improves your body’s ability to fight infections, bacteria, and even disease in general.

There’s no denying that masturbation can benefit your health in various ways, from increasing immunity to decreasing your chance of prostate cancer to enhancing heart health.

Masturbation, in general, can be beneficial to your mental health in addition to your physical health. Staying sexually active with your sex doll can help you de-stress and have a more positive attitude on life after a long, stressful day.

5. Safe And Hygenic

To meet our sexual demands, we may do things harmful to our sexual health, such as engaging in unprotected intercourse with strangers. The dangers are tenfold – how many persons have that person had sexual relations with? When was the last time they had a test done on them?

The potential to prevent illnesses like HIV and other STIs by having sex with a doll rather than another human is a significant benefit. You’ll always have safe, healthy sex if you maintain your toy clean and sanitary. With the added benefit of no unintended pregnancies!

You can now have sex with a hyper-realistic silicone sex doll whenever you want, how you want, and with no worries, thanks to new technology. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to save money on condoms.

6. You can Customize Your Sex Doll

Companies have nearly mastered the manufacturing of these love dolls over the years. Not only are they getting more realistic, simpler to clean, and hotter than ever before, but there are also other options available.

You can’t select who you fall in love with, but you can choose who you want to make love to that night…at least, that’s what a sex doll allows you to do. There will be a doll to match your style or preferences.

Not only are ready-made dolls available, but many firms also allow you to design your doll to your precise specifications. So, whether you have a long-lost ex or a superstar you can’t have, you may put in a request with all of their characteristics and obtain a doll that looks just like them.

So there’s no need to chase down that attractive lady at the bar for her number in the hopes of sleeping with her that night — no pleading, no desperation. At home, you have your very own ultra-realistic, ultra-hot female waiting for you. So that when you’re dating, you can concentrate on finding someone who interests you on a deeper level rather than just being a hot piece of ass.

Miley Jax