Let anyone who has never fallen in love with someone who lives in another city, another state, or worse, another country, cast the first stone. Or maybe the relationship started in the same city and one of the two has to move for university or a job opportunity.

What to do then?

This kind of long-distance relationship requires a lot of effort, dedication and understanding. And be careful, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are many factors that come into play and it is not as simple as the famous phrase that is heard: “Do you love them enough to accept this challenge? “

Right, although it’s not as simple as it sounds, Skokka will give some help by exploring this topic that is on many people’s minds, willingly or unwillingly. After all, why do long distance relationships work so well for some couples and not so well for others?

Troublesome factors in a long-distance relationship

Time and money

This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge when it comes to long-distance relationships. After all, it is not always possible to pay for plane tickets, petrol for those travelling by car, accommodation, food, etc. In addition to time, it is not always possible to make the trip during the week, leaving only the two days of the weekend.


In some cases, people may have reduced mobility, either because they have children or someone in their care who needs their presence, or due to a heavy workload, among other reasons.

Emotional needs

Loneliness, need and lack of private physical affection due to the absence of a partner can be a determining risk factor for a breakup, because some people just don’t “work” well with distance, and it can be where some of them start looking for the affection of a hot Sheffield escort. Fulfill your fantasies now.


Getting to know the partner and their family more intimately, and having that 100% of trust, usually takes more time when dating long-distance. In the end, most people need to be present to connect more.

So how to make a long-distance relationship work?

Away from sight does not necessarily mean away from heart, as many couples in long-term long-distance relationships can attest, but it is important to keep a few things in mind.


Social networks are a great resource to keep the flame of love burning, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, there are many applications available to shorten the distance. Whichever means of communication is chosen, the important thing is that communication is fluid, that is, to understand what is expected of the partner and decide together if it works to talk 3 times a day, schedule a time to do so, or just send a message whenever one wants to.


Following on from the previous point, while it’s important to keep in touch, it’s also important to balance it so that it doesn’t affect both personal and work routines.


It could be dinner, watching a movie, drinking wine… doing these activities simultaneously increases the feeling of presence.


A gift once in a while never hurts anyone, it would delight the person to receive a letter, flowers or any other treat from their loved one.


This will give more time to get organised, save money and make the visits without going into debt.


With the viability of the Internet, sex can be just as passionate and pleasurable. Stimulate the partner, increase the desire for the next date and enjoy it too. It can be by messaging, sending a spicy photo in the middle of the day or even making a group video call with a cheap London escorts, everything is valid to spice up and move the relationship.


When things start to get a little sad, focusing on the next time the two of you will see each other and be together can be a lifesaver. Always have a plan in place to do, and above all, keep in mind that this situation is temporary.

Distance is often a challenge for the health of relationships. But nowadays, technology makes it less of an obstacle in this regard. Having a positive outlook and challenging false or negative beliefs about long-distance relationships can also help the success of couples going through this journey together.

In addition, communication is a key element in relationships, whether long-distance or not. Along with trust and respect, which are essential to lighten the burden of the situation. It is important to share honestly with each other what is willing to do to make the relationship work and to have a happy ending along these lines.

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