Many of you have already heard about interracial cuckolding as one of the popular fetishes, probably. When it comes to the combination of interracial and cuckolding, it most often refers to the sexual relationships of white couples in which the wife enjoys sexual relations with black guys. They are called bulls, and the husband in such a couple is called a cuckold.

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Why is interracial cuckolding so attractive to some couples? The contrast between a dark lover and a white wife can cause enormous sexual excitement in both the wife and the cuckolded husband. An element of taboo is also added here. For some couples, it is this interracial taboo that adds a major element of pleasure to their sexual experience.

But this is not always the main element. For some couples, taboo is not something special, but is simply a matter of taste. So in interracial cuckolding, the size of the lovers’ genitals is not the main thing. Because there are different couples, who do not prioritize the size of their genitals in sexual relations.

But we can’t ignore the combination of black and white leather contrast and large size. For some couples this combination is very exciting. Each couple is individual in their sexual desires.

What couples look for in interracial cuckolding?

If a couple wants to have fun and add variety to their sex life with interracial cuckolding, then they may have completely different goals. What couples usually want from an interracial cuckold:

  • they expect sexual superiority and dominance from the black lover;
  • some wives like to be an explicit sex toy for a black lover in front of their cuckold husband;
  • sexual problems of a husband who cannot satisfy his wife;
  • couples want to have new sexual experiences that are different from what they have done before.

As you can see, this list does not include penis size, since most cuckolds are of average size. Also, for many couples, the size of the black bull’s penis is not important when choosing a partner for sexual dates.

That is, many couples choose the very idea of interracial cuckolding, without focusing on the male genitals. Rather, black skin and psychological reasons attract couples who live this lifestyle, or dream of trying this sexual entertainment.

Extreme commitment interracial cuckold

Among the fans of interracial cuckolding, there are some, who want to express their commitment to this lifestyle. Such couples choose special marks in the form of tattoos on the woman’s body – QOS. Such a distinction signifies that a woman belongs to black lovers only.

There are also special devices that limit husbands, they are called chastity belts. How exactly to use them and for how long is decided by each couple and their bull.

The extreme of adherence to the black lifestyle is allowing a woman to be impregnated by a black bull. This can happen in the form of a special ritual. Of course, this is a very big decision, and for some couples it represents the ultimate commitment to an interracial lifestyle.

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